How do I find the spare part I'm looking for?

There are three ways of searching for spare parts:

  • I. Search by catalogue

    When you select a catalogue, a dropdown menu appears with an alphabetical list of brand names; by clicking on any brand, further dropdown menus appear with their categories, types and models. Once you have selected the model, a detailed breakdown of the set of parts that make it up is displayed. To access the file of each spare part, just click on the icon at the bottom of the image. If the spare parts you are looking for are in stock, they will be displayed automatically.

  • II. Search by Iberital code

    If you know the Iberital code for the spare part, simply enter it in the space provided and click on "Search" or press the "Enter" key of your keyboard. If you do not know the Iberital code, you can use the "Advanced Search" button and complete any of the following fields: Catalogue, Brand, Category, Type, Model, Description. This same Code Search field is also available in the "MY ORDER" section for adding spare parts to your order.

  • III. Search by manufacturer's code

    To get a result, you have to select the manufacturer and enter the manufacturer's code. To access this search mode, you need to be authorized by Iberital.

How do I place an order?

You must be a registered user to place an order

  • I. Adding a spare part to an order

    When you are in the file page or the row of a spare part, you simply need to enter the number of units you need and click on "Add to Order"

  • II. If you need to change the quantity ordered of a spare part

    Simply alter the quantity of that particular spare part in the "my order" section.

  • III. I've made a mistake, how do I delete an order?

    By clicking on the "Delete" icon , a window will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete that spare part from the order.

  • IV. Sending the Order

    To send your order, you need to go to the "MY ORDER" section which can be accessed at any time from the upper menu.

    If the order has been processed correctly, a message will appear to confirm this and an email will be sent automatically to your address with the details of your order. If there has been an error, repeat the process for placing the order, and if this persists, please get in contact with us.

  • V. Creating a new order from a past order

    To create a new order based on a past order, you need to go to the PAST ORDERS section, download the order you want to copy, and click on "Add the spare parts in this order to ....".