Technical Notes

Stainless steel pump

Compatible with CASADIO, CIMBALI and FAEMA.

Technical Notes
> Flange connection
> Balanced by-pass
> Fitting G3/8”
> Capacity 200 l/h

Precision filters and showers competition series

We introduce the competition filters and showers range. The filters are designed to make the most of your coffee. They improve the quality characteristics of different types of coffee; they keep the body and texture of the cream. They ensure a perfect extraction and make the cleaning easier. The showers are designed to achieve a balanced coffee filtering which allows extracting all aromatic notes, while preserving the body and texture of the cream. Its manufacturing process makes them stronger, cleaner and gives a more even extraction. Together they provide clean sanitary qualities and also they reduce significantly the adhesion of dirt and help to eliminate the wasted coffee.

Brasilia electronics spare parts

We have increased the availability of BRASILIA electronic parts available in our web. IF DON'T FIND THE BRASILIA REFERENCE, YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, Ask us!!!!

Steam/water taps for Rancilio coffee machines

Tap Standard models
Tap C-Lever models

Filterholders Spaziale - Crem-expobar

Filterholder SPAZIALE: Standard version and 2011 model "fine thread version" Filterholder CREM EXPOBAR: Before 2009 version and after 2009 version

Original adjustable pump

Fluid O-Tech Cimbali Group.
Fluid O-Tech Rancilio Group.

Long life steel blades (K110)

For more than 1500 Kg Grinding.
Ideal for Instant Grinders.
Optimal for 100% Arabica Coffee.

Capsules and cialda filterholders

Adapters dimensions certified by Iberital (marked ir).
Original handles.
Capsule and shower watertightness certified by iberital.
High temperature resistance.